About Us



Protechnologies, LLC. Marine Performance Group


- is dedicated to the specialized performance needs of the millennium power boater. We maximize your play and performance time, allowing our clients’ the simple enjoyable pleasures boating was meant to be.

Protechnologies is beyond a full service center as our clients indulge in concierge amenities, from pickup, fueling and/or delivery services.

We are an On Site engineering, fabrication and installation facility, crafting custom engines, gauge packages, along with the coordination of personalized equipment per application; establishing comfort and control for all race and pleasure powerboats. As the North Eastern Skater, Mystic and Hustler Powerboat Dealer we offer customized design to provide the safest, fastest and most stable ride available for powerboats on the water today.

Each 2013 catamaran along with the long line of V-Hull vessels that Hustler manufactures are uniquely made to order, Using only the highest quality assurance that is found in National and World Champion offshore race boats. Vessels are designed around the clients’ needs with specific interviewing in forming its luxuries and features to assure it is the vessel to meet projected use.

Rolf Papke, inventor and lead performance engineer, has long been affiliated with the Offshore Racing Circuit. He has been among the many that have continued striving for performance in the catamaran and V-Hull. We are a MerCruiser dealership that is additionally well versed in Mercury Outboards and are the sole manufacturer and distributor of the RGF Shaft and Papke Racing Tabs specifically designed for tunnel boats.

We are proud members of the Spartan Powerboat Club of New Jersey, And the ABYC (American Boat & Yacht Council). Advocates of the Boating Regulatory Commission and SAMS (Society of Marine Surveyors).