October 4, 2017

NEW HUSTLER 29 ROCKIT BY CHIP FENDT Upon entering Hustler’s manufacturing facility, the company’s strength is unmistakable. New models are in production, boats are in molds waiting to be pulled, older models are being refurbished and a variety of new (More...)

HOW TO BUY A BOAT ENGINE OR MOTOR: COMPARISON TOOLS Choosing the right type of engine or motor for your boat is a very important matter. Its weight and horsepower will both have an impact on the performance of your boat. If your vessel is underpowered, (More...)

Bravo One XR™ Sport Master Drive FEATURES Designed for boats capable of reaching speeds in excess of 90 mph. Four-slot, low-water pickup provides the best compromise of engine cooling while reducing debris ingestion. Gear ratios: 1.26:1, 1.35:1 or 1.50: (More...)

August 3, 2013

1350HP with M8 Drive BUILT TO ORDER. •At 1350 hp, this is the fastest, most powerful engine Mercury Racing has ever introduced •Turbo-compressor induction delivers a punch from holeshot to peak rev range, while pulse-timed exhaust tuning keeps turbos (More...)

June 20: I have often stereotyped all New Yorkers as obnoxious and pushy. However, after back-to-back trips to this region for the NPBA New York Liberty Landing and NJPPC Atlantic City poker runs, I stand more than corrected. All of the people we met at t (More...)