August 3, 2013

Mercury 1350 turbo with M8 Drive

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1350HP with M8 Drive

hp1350_larBUILT TO ORDER. •At 1350 hp, this is the fastest, most powerful engine Mercury Racing has ever introduced •Turbo-compressor induction delivers a punch from holeshot to peak rev range, while pulse-timed exhaust tuning keeps turbos spooled, eliminating lag altogether •Monster, mesa-shaped torque curve ensures unwavering power through entirety of runtime by controlling boost and regulating torque at high engine outputs •Quad cam, four-valve, port fuel injection, and dry-sump efficiency deliver massive amounts of power with 9-liter displacement, matching high-performance marine propulsion with luxury-car-like drivability •6500 RPM redline adrenalizes boat and boater alike •Durable NiCom®-coated aluminum cylinder bores improve heat transfer and are one element which enables an increase in overall engine lifespan by up to an unprecedented 100% •Charge cooler is made of military-specification alloy so cooler corrosion is an enemy boaters don’t have to fight •M8 drive increases power capacity by 35% over our world-champion Six drive, plus comes standard with an active anode for enhanced corrosion resistance •One-year factory warranty and support from world’s largest marine service dealer network and Mercury Racing’s T.E.A.M. accreditation program provides the best coverage in the industry •35% stronger driveline and tough new CNC propellers allow engine to endure in both treacherous and ideal offshore conditions •M8 surface-piercing sterndrive with hydraulic transmission handles high torque and power levels with ease for improved handling and exceptional performance •Cylinder heads sport two cam shafts for a more robust valve train and enhanced power Crankshaft-rated Horsepower:1300 ambient air induction 1350 direct air Full Throttle RPM Ranqe: 6000-6500 Displacement Liter/CID: 9.0/552 Bore (in/mm): 4.57/116 Stroke (in/mm): 4.21/107 Compression Ratio: 7.8:1 Cylinders: V-8 Alternator:(amp/watt)105/1481 Controller: PCM distributorless Fuel System: Sequential Fuel Injection Fuel Requirements: 91 posted octane (R+M)/2 (98 RON) international Transmission: Mercury Racinq dry-sump hydraulic Drive Unit: Dry-sump M8 Gear Ratio: Application dependent (contact NJ Powerboat for additional information) Length:(in/mm)26.69/678 Width:(in/mm)34/864 Heiqht:(in/mm)29/737 (from crankshaft centerline) Weight:(lbs/kg) 1606/730 Warranty:1-year limited for recreational boating