April 1, 2013

Protechnologies Debuts the Long Awaited 43′ Spectre Catamaran in Atlantic City

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Atlantic City, New Jersey (PRWEB) July 02, 2012

The arrival of the 43′ Spectre Catamaran in Atlantic City was a magnificent display of technology and superiority. Dr. Gabriele Jasper and Rolf Papke of Protechnologies, debuted the long awaited Spectre Cat vessel in the NJPPC 2012 event of the season.

This vessel has been under design for many years with the initial crafting by cat experts Jay Pilini and Rolf Papke. With some company changes and absolute persistence the 43′ Spectre now is presented by Frisini Motorsports.

The first NJ outing offered Jasper at the Helm and Papke at the throttles reaching speeds over 149 MPH effortlessly in the wide open Atlantic voyage.

This vessel proudly exhibits the Mercury 1350′s coupled in the sleek 43′ catamaran design with its smoking interior of red, nubuck and piping, design and structural black accents around the flawless windshield and dash…the double touch screen displays matched with the necessary gauges make this layout super sci fi with advanced technology GPS and Smartcraft. The Helm is race oriented with center point for the driver ….throttle to the right and navigator to the left…….additional passenger seating in rear for four with cabin & storage space and wine bar & frig for beverages….

Francine Steele, CEO of Protechnologies states ” the vessel is a truly beautiful piece with outstanding Catamaran poise and stance. We are confident that our goals of 165 MPH will be met with our continued setup changes and R & D. Protechnologies will further increase the already superior frame to excede and increase the 43′ vessels offshore handling, speed and dynamics,(both aero and hydrodynamic efficiency to the propellers).”

Gabriele Jasper states, ” I am thrilled to be front running in this truly amazing vessel that has afforded me the comfort, luxury and performance. It honestly meets all of my boating applications and personal family enjoyment.”

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