January 21, 2013

Protechnologies Water testing 39′ Hustler Rockit and Getting Big Speeds

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Protechnologies LLC begins testing on the 39′ Hustler V Hull Performance Vessel with the 1100 HP Young Engine Package. Testing started in the Long Island area near Global Marine’s Manufacturing Facility with Rolf Papke at the Helm.

The Rockit’s styling is one of a kind and the testing has proven this V Hull to be more than just impressive. Proven math at 12% faster than the nearest competition; less co-efficient drag affording 12% better fuel economy at W.O.T ( wide open throttle)  At 100 hrs of WOT you would travel 1,500 miles farther then your competiton by going the same distance your average savings would be approx $5,625. in real time and real money.

The Rockit is bold, sexy and sporty providing the perfect package;True Performance with its vaccum bagged core construction designed specifically for extreme speeds. The 39′ Rockit Deck and cocktpit are of one piece construction adding ridgitity. Windshield is recessed and integrated into deck, finishing the vessels lines nicely. The interior and exterior are styled and designed around individual preference and are unique. All custom in house work with absolute, solid and fluid architecture.

Protechnologies, LLC, a leading integrator in the marine performance industry will be using the 39′ Hustler Rockit along the East Coast Poker Run Circuit for the 2012 season and is presenting some extreme speeds and will be the roar on the shore this year for sure.

For More Information visit them at www.njpowerboat.com Inquiries Welcome 732.477.7039

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